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THE TESLA BIO-LIGHTS FLASH DRIVE SYSTEM™ Is an enhanced digital video platform of our physical analog system that has been in use worldwide for over 20 years. Our proprietary design allows the user to experience the Tesla Bio-Photonic Light System™ in various configurations to assist the user in a myriad of ways. It is designed to clear blockages and open pathways in the meridians,channels, chakras,nadis,and the organ systems of the physical and energetic bodies. Many of the video sessions allow the user to experience configurations of the ‘Lights’ that are not physically possible with our analog systems. These configurations allow one to experience this dynamic technology on a brand new level that has never been available before. To add to this experience we have developed the TESLA BIO-LIGHTS PULSE WAVE ADAPTER™ which allows the user to have a greater physical experience.

With over 14 hours of video sessions available, the user has the ability to pick and choose from a very wide range of specific options. You can have a relaxing and blissful experience or delve into the inner work of detoxification of the physical, psychological, and spiritual bodies. Whether you have a physical set of the Tesla Bio-Lights or this is the first time you have heard of this technology, we think you will enjoy this new addition to our list of products. If you already have a physical set of the Tesla Lights, this will allow you continue whatever regimen you are following while you travel or even while you are at the office. If you have never experienced our technologies, the flash system will give you the opportunity to experience a very dynamic aspect of the Tesla Bio-Lights at a fraction of the expense of our physical systems. Regardless of your situation this is a new and dynamic way to experience one of the finest subtle energy technologies in the world.



Tools for the Removal of Energetic Implants

         The Energetic Implant Removal Antenna

                  Energetic Implant Removal Technique

The Energetic Implant Removal Tools were developed to deal with the ever-increasing number or Energetic Implants within humanity.  These tools are designed to aid and assist in the removal of all types of non-physical implants.  There is much speculation as to the origin of these types of implants. Regardless of their origin, it is our opinion and that of many of the practitioners that we work with, that they are very real.  We also believe that there may be some level of consciousness that can be attributed to this phenomenon.  Although they are not physical, there can be harmful physical symptoms caused by them.   They can also cause us to act in ways that are not our intention.  Numerous implants can be found in any given individual.  Primarily they are found in the brain and chakra regions of the body.  The most common areas are the 3rd eye, frontal lobe of the brain, mid brain, and the base of the brain.

We developed the Energetic Implant Removal Technique™ or E.I.R.T. in 2012, as a very functional way to remove various types of Energetic Implants.  The basis of this technology is to generate a synergy of harmonic signatures that cause the implants to dissolve on the quantum level where they exist.  This occurs because the implants cannot exist in the high frequency and multidimensional energy fields that are created by these tools.   This technique has proven to be very effective.  In the last several years, the number of individuals that are being effected by the various types of Energetic Implants has grown considerably in our opinion.  For that reason, we developed the Energetic Implant Removal Antenna™ or E.I.R.A.  It is an Accessory for the Tesla Lights / S.E.A.D. technologies.  The Antenna system works at a much faster rate than the E.I.R.T. and can be used on several individuals simultaneously.   It has other benefits as well which deal with physical grounding, balance, and Chi strengthening.

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Nikola Tesla Writes About His Experiments in Electrical Healing

Editors note:  For many years skeptics have stated that Nikola Tesla did not invent any “healing” technologies.   However, with very little effort one can find numerous writings of his that would say otherwise.   Our own technologies are based on his research and inventions in this field.  This is but one of many of Tesla’s writings on the subject.



Some weeks ago this journal published an interesting article concerning electrical oscillations as observed by the eminent scientist, Nicola Tesla. So much interest was shown in the subject that Mr. Tesla was appealed to directly and in response to that appeal he sends to The Detroit Free Press this open letter: Nos. 46 & 48 E. Houston Street


New York, February 10, 1896


During the past few weeks I have received so many letters concerning the same subject that it was entirely beyond my power to answer all of them individually. In view of this I hope that I shall be excused for the delay, which I must regret, in acknowledging the receipt, and also for addressing this general communication in answer to all inquiries. The many pressing demands which have been made upon me in consequence of exaggerated statements of the journals have painfully impressed me with the fact that there are a great many sufferers, and furthermore that nothing finds a more powerful echo than a promise held out to improve the condition of the unfortunate ones. The members of the medical fraternity are naturally more deeply interested in the task of relieving the suffering from their pain, and, as might be expected, a great many communications have been addressed to me by physicians.


To these chiefly this brief statement of the actual facts is addressed. Some journals have confounded the physiological effects of electrical oscillations with those of mechanical vibrations, this being probably due to the circumstance that a few years ago I brought to the attention of the scientific men some novel methods and apparatus for the production of electrical oscillations which, I learn, are now largely used in some modification or other in electro-therapeutic treatment and otherwise. To dispel this erroneous idea I wish to state that the effects of purely mechanical vibrations which I have more recently observed, have nothing to do with the former. Mechanical vibrations have often been employed locally with pronounced results in the treatment of diseases, but it seems that the effects I refer to have either not been noted at all, or if so, only to a small degree, evidently because of the insufficiency of the means which have eventually been employed in the investigations.


While experimenting with a novel contrivance, constituting in its simplest form a vibrating mechanical system, in which from the nature of the construction the applied force is always in resonance with the natural period, I frequently exposed my body to continued mechanical vibrations. As the elastic force can be made as large as desired, and the applied force used be very small, great weights, half a dozen persons, for instance, may be vibrated with great rapidity by a comparatively small apparatus. I observed that such intense mechanical vibrations produce remarkable physiological effects. They affect powerfully the condition of the stomach, undoubtedly promoting the process of digestion and relieving the feeling of distress, often experienced in consequence of the imperfect function of the organs concerned in the process. They have a strong influence upon the liver, causing it to discharge freely, similarly to an application of a catharic. They also seem to affect the glandular system, noteably in the limbs; also the kidneys and bladder, and more or less influence the whole body. When applied for a longer period they produce a feeling of immense fatigue, so that a profound sleep is induced.


The excessive tiring of the body is generally accompanied by nervous relaxation, butthere seems to be besides a specific action on the nerves. These observations, though incomplete, are, in my own limited judgment, nevertheless positive and unmistakable, and in view of this and of the importance of further investigation of the subject by competent men I prepared about a year ago a machine with suitable adjustments for varying the frequency and amplitude of the vibrations, intending to give it to some medical faculty for investigation. This machine, together with other apparatus, was unfortunately destroyed by fire a year ago, but will be reconstructed as soon as possible. In making the above statements I wish to disconnect myself with the extraordinary opinions expressed in some journals which I have never authorized and which, though they may have been made with good intent, cannot fail to be hurtful by giving rise to visionary expectations.


Yours very truly, N. Tesla

The Detroit Free Press — Feb. 16, 1896, p. 16.



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It’s Party Time! You’ve Got This (Even if You Feel Like You Don’t!)

By: Jennifer Scott


Photo via Pixabay

Does the thought of having people over for the holidays strike fear into your heart? You worry that your cooking isn’t good enough or that your home isn’t all decked out like the neighbors’. We forget that entertaining is about having a good time with friends and family. There’s no need to starch table linens or remodel your bathroom. Regardless if you live in a tiny apartment, suffer from social anxiety, or are a bonafide perfectionist, you can be a party-throwing rock star, beginning with these tips for reducing your stress:


  • Be true to yourself. If cooking isn’t your thing, own it. Have a potluck, go to Costco, or enlist the help of a friend who loves to cook. It’s your party, so do it your way! The important thing is just to do it, even if you’re doing it with take-out and disposable plates.


  • Consider co-hosting with a friend or family member. You’ll share the work and expenses.
  • Maintain perspective. Remember, it’s just a party — not an audition for the next season of Top Chef.


  • It’s challenging enough hosting a holiday party, but if you’ve been diagnosed with OCD or deal with chronic anxiety, it makes the struggle even more real. Please be gentle with yourself and don’t worry about the details. We’ve got you covered with our tips below.


For a Stress-Free Party, It’s All in the Planning


  1. Who would you like to invite? The number of people and the mix of adults and children will help you decide the kind of party you’ll have.
  2. What kind of a gathering would you like? Casual buffet, sit-down dinner, brunch, open house, just desserts or even a progressive dinner with different courses being held at different homes?
  3. The kind of party you choose will determine your menu as well as decorations. You’ll find plenty of holiday recipes and decorating ideas on Pinterest. If preparing for your first big holiday meal such as Thanksgiving, use a proven game plan like this one from The Pioneer Woman. A tip from HGTV is “Don’t try to prepare more than three items for one meal. If you’re making the entree and two side dishes, buy the appetizers and dessert.”
  4. Once you’ve planned your menu, cook as much as you can ahead of time. Many foods can be prepared a week in advance and frozen until the day of the party.


  1. At the party, set up a drink station. Consider having your own signature drink premade, such as a seasonal cocktail. Then have a large bin or cooler for beer and wine, and another for non-alcoholic drinks like soda and water. Use a drink calculator to help you determine how much to buy. Take care not to let any of your guests drive home intoxicated. Arrange for another friend to drive them home or call a ride service or taxi. Another option would be to let them stay overnight in your guest room.
  2. Consider stocking up on Chinese take-out boxes for people to take leftovers home.

Typical Holiday Hosting Mistakes


  • Forgetting the needs of your guests. Warmly welcome each guest by showing them where to put their coats and offering them a drink. Make sure you’ve got guest towels in the bathroom and available trash bins. If guests are expecting dinner at 7:00 p.m., don’t serve it at 8:00 p.m.!


  • Not setting the mood with lighting and music. Turn off any bright lights! Candles go a long way in setting a festive feel in your home. Amber votive holders especially give off a warm glow. Music also adds so much to the vibe. Spotify and Pandora have great playlists.
  • Not having options for those with dietary restrictions. When planning your menu, make sure you know your guests’ dietary needs. Are any of them vegans, vegetarians, or gluten-intolerant? An award-winning website with vegan-friendly recipes is Oh She Glows.

Take a deep breath and remember that nobody (at least nobody that you would invite!) is coming to judge you or your dinnerware. This is about sharing the holiday spirit with people you care about. Relax, have fun, and enjoy some of those leftovers yourself!

Jennifer Scott is a guest contributor here at our blog.   For more of her insightful musings please visit her website at


Scientists Say That Some Of Our Dreams Are Glimpses Of Parallel Universes

In this world there could be a copy of yourself making different decisions and seeing places that somehow later manifest themselves in your dreams.

For thousands of years people have wondered about the meaning of dreams. Why do some people dream about future events? Why are some dreams full of hidden meaning?

Can some of our dreams be glimpses of events taking place in an alternate reality, a parallel Universe?

Our ancestors were as curious about dreams as modern scientists are today. Ancient Greeks and Romans believed dreams provided messages from the gods. In ancient China people treated dreams as a way to visit the world of dead. Ancient Egyptians were convinced that those who could interpret dream possessed special powers.

Many Native American tribes and Mexican civilizations believed dreams were a different world we visit when we sleep.

The word “dream” comes from an old word in English that means “joy” and “music.”

Today we know that dreams are often expressions of thoughts, feelings and events that pass through our mind while we are sleeping.

Dreams can be in color and include all the senses – smells, sounds, sights, tastes and things we touch. We know more about the science of dreaming because researchers can take pictures of people’s brains while they are sleeping.

Over the years scientists have learned a lot about dreams, but there are still many things that remain unknown.

We will elaborate more on the subject and raise the idea that some of our most mysterious and special dreams could be glimpses from invisible parallel worlds that exist next to our own reality.

For almost a hundred years science has been haunted by a dark secret: that there might be mysterious hidden worlds beyond our human senses.

Mystics had long claimed there were such places. They were, they said, full of ghosts and spirits. The last thing science wanted was to be associated with such s uperstition, but ever since the 1920s physicists have been trying to make sense of an uncomfortable discovery. When they tried to pinpoint the exact location of atomic particles like electrons they found it was utterly impossible. They had no single location and this is one of the reasons why scientists are becoming more and more interested in the possible existence of parallel worlds.

The only explanation which anyone could come up with is that the particles don’t just exist in our Universe. They flit into existence in other universes, too and there are an infinite number of these parallel universes, all of them slightly different.

In effect, there’s a parallel universe in which Napoleon won the Battle of Waterloo. In another the British Empire held on to its American colony.

In one you were never born.

The multiverse is a theory, in which our universe is not the only one, but states that many universes exist parallel to each other. These distinct universes within the multiverse theory are called parallel universes.
Of course, the multiverse theory is just a theory. The existence of parallel Universes has not been proven and the subject is widely debated among physicists.

“By this very definition of “universe,” one might expect the notion of a multiverse to be forever in the domain of meta- physics.

Yet the borderline between physics and metaphysics is defined by whether a theory is experimentally testable, not by whether it is weird or involves unobservable entities. The frontiers of physics have gradually expanded to incorporate ever more abstract (and once metaphysical) concepts such as a round Earth, invisible electromagnetic fields, time slowdown at high speeds, quantum superpositions, curved space, and black holes. Over the past several years the concept of a multiverse has joined this list,” said Max Tegmark, Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

“The fundamental problem of cosmology is that the laws of physics as we know them break down at the instant of the Big Bang. Well some people say what’s wrong with that, what’s wrong with having the laws of physics collapse? Well for a physicist this is a disaster. All our lives we’ve dedicated to the proposition that the Universe obeys knowable laws, laws that can be written down in the language of mathematics and here we have the centrepiece of the Universe itself, a missing piece beyond physical law,” Dr. Michio Kaku says.

In a parallel world there could be a copy of yourself. The life of this person has been identical to yours in every respect. Still, there are certain things you and your copy might do different. Perhaps he or she now decides to put down this article without finishing it, while you read on. Your timelines are similar but not identical because you co-exist in alternate worlds.

People often have a recurring dream about a place they never visited, or even heard of. Perhaps such dreams are glimpses from what one experienced in a parallel Universe.

Sometimes people dream about events that have not yet happen but will take place in the future. Such dreams could also be incoming images from an alternate world where you are living a different life.

Who knows, perhaps some of our most special dreams are a window into a parallel universe. This is of course pure speculation, but without speculation and scientific curiosity we will never be able to learn more about the secrets of the Universe and our reality.

We can express is as Professor Tegmark once said. “When we ask a profound question about the nature of reality, do we not expect an answer that sounds strange? Evolution provided us with intuition for the everyday physics that had survival value for our distant ancestors, so whenever we venture beyond the everyday world, we should expect it to seem bizarre.”


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Electricity and Life

This is an excellent article from 1917 giving an explanation of Nikola Tesla’s  Electro Therapeutics technology.  The discoveries that are discussed here were the premise behind our development of the ‘Tesla Lights’.   

For over 20 years Multidimensional Technologies has been an industry leader in the development and manufacture of state-of-the-art Bio-Photonic Light  Technologies.   We distribute worldwide our technologies that are designed to promote consciousness.  For more information on us and what we do visit us @

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Nikola Tesla – “Inventions of Tesla–A Man Whose Mind Works While He Sleeps.”

by: Nanette South Clark

This is a wonderful article I found in the Newspaper Archives from 1904. Frank G. Carpenter interviewed Nikola Tesla on two separate occasions. The first time was September of 1894 at Tesla’s laboratory on East Houston and the second interview took place at the Waldorf on the evening of December 17, 1904. Mr. Carpenter never published his notes from the first interview until this article where he combines both interviews into a marvelous glimpse into the world of Nikola Tesla:

The Boston Sunday Globe, Boston, Massachusetts, page 3. December 18, 1904.


                                                              Nikola Tesla in his Lab

I give you today the substance of two remarkable talks with Nikola Tesla. The first I had in his laboratory on East Houston st. nine years ago last September. The second was held in the Waldorf last night.

The first interview was most interesting, giving a wonderful insight into Tesla the inventor and Tesla the man, but it was never published, for Mr. Tesla at its close on the ground of business reasons, begged that I say nothing about him for months to come. I wrote out the notes, however, and laid them away, and when I met Mr. Tesla last night I told him I now intended to use them. At the same time we had the extraordinary conversation about his recent discoveries and inventions as to the transmission of force, which I reproduce in the latter part of this article.


Tesla the Man.First take a glance at Tesla the man. He looked more like an Italian savant than a hard-working inventor when I saw him in the Waldorf. He was in evening dress and was the most striking figure of the score of public men who stood about the lobby. Mr. Tesla is now 47 years of age and is in his physical and intellectual prime. He is tall and slender, his head is long, thin and intellectual, with a forehead high and full. He was born in Hungary and educated there, but he speaks English perfectly and is one of the most charming conversationalists I have ever met.

His father was a clergyman of the Greek church, and Nikola was intended for the priesthood. He had a brother older than himself, whom the rest of the family considered much brighter. That brother died young, and this so crazed his father and mother that it took them long to realize the genius of Nikola. If he stood well in his studies his father’s eyes would fill as he thought how much better, perhaps, the other son might have done, and whatever Nikola did was always compared with the possible work of the boy who had passed away.

His first education was in the public schools of Gospich, and after that he went to the Real Schule at Karlstadt. As he went on with his studies he liked mathematics so much that he intended to fit himself to be a professor of mathematics and physics, and with that view studied at the polytechnic school at Gratz. He changed to the engineering course, and later on studied philosophy and languages in the colleges at Prague and Buda Pest. He has since been made a doctor of laws by Yale and Columbia.

Shortly aftere (sic) completing his studies Mr. Tesla was associated with the government of Austria-Hungary in the telegraph engineering department, where he invented several improvements. From there he went to Paris to be engineer of a large lighting company, and thence to the United States, where he was employed by Thomas Edison in his laboratory. His next position was that of electrician to the Tesla electric light company, and at the same time he established the Tesla laboratory here, from which his great inventions have come.


Tesla the Inventor.
During my first chat with Mr. Tesla I asked him when he first realized that he had the inventive faculty and he told me he had always been inventing something or other. When he was a small boy he made toy guns, which would shoot birds, and as he was the only one who could make them he supplied the boys of his neighborhood. He made clocks at eight or nine years and began to dabble in electricity before he was in his teens.

His first determination to devote his life to invention came shortly after he went to London to deliver a lecture before a scientific body there. At this lecture he met Lord Rayleigh, the great physicist, and showed him some of his experiments. Rayleigh said that he had undoubtedly, the faculty of discovery and that he would succeed as an inventor.

“Shortly after this my mother died,” said Mr. Tesla, “and I concluded to exert this faculty. Lord Rayleigh had said I possessed it and, upon examining myself, I believed him correct. I did not want to waste my powers on small things and I decided to strive toward something that would benefit humanity. I am working on an invention for the transmission of force. This invention will, I believe, revolutionize the world of labor. I am also working on electricity and I cannot remember when I was not working more or less in the direction of a successful flying machine. My idea, as to that, is along different lines than any yet proposed and I expect to see it realized. Indeed, we shall eventually have flying machines that will be large enough to carry crowds through the air. They must be large in order to succeed.”

These words were uttered by Mr. Tesla nine years ago. Today he says he has completed his force-transmission invention, as will be seen by my Waldorf conversation which follows. He has also done other things which he proposed in that interview. Remember, it was before the time of the wireless

telegraph, but he then said to me the following:

                Tesla’s experimental Laboratory in Colorado Springs, Colorado

“I tell you, we are on the threshold of a new era. We have only begun to master the great forces of nature, and the inventions of the next few decades will be far superior to any of the past. What would you think of standing on the shore and telephoning to your friends in midocean (sic)? What of being in the center of a room and making your whole body blaze with light? What of sending power to and fro over the earth at will and making it di its work anywhere and almost anyhow?


How it Feels to Invent.
Mr. Tesla told me that his greatest pleasure was in his work, and that he could conceive no moment so exciting and rapturous as that connected with the discovery of a new principle which, when put into use, would revolutionize the work of the world.

Take, for instance, the invention which brought forth the apparatus used in the transmission of power at Niagara Falls. Said he, as he took me to a great coil of wire wound about a stationary magnet, which was conected (sic) with the dynamo, and held above it a little glass globe in which was a steel wheel moving on a pivot:

“I had been working upon that experiment for a long time, and this was the test. I knew that if I were correct that the wheel in this globe would revolve as soon as I turned on the electricity. It did revolve, and I knew I had discovered what would revolutionize the labor of the world. You can run all sorts of power by that principle. You can take power from Niagara and bring it to New York. The cars can be pulled by it, factories run, houses heated and dinners cooked. I cannot describe my sensation when I saw the wheel revolve. I thought I should go crazy, and I went to my laboratory and took some bromide of potassium to quiet me.

“It has been the same in some of my experiments with electric lights and other things. The greatest rapture one can have is to discover a new force or series of forces which will reduce man’s working necessities to the minimum. I do not believe in laziness, and I should like to see the loafer wiped from the face of the earth; but I want that those who are willing to work should accomplish their results with the least labor and in the best way.”


How Tesla Works.
As to Mr. Tesla himself, there is no harder worker known. He told me that he seldom slept more than four hours of a night, and during some periods not more than three. When in the thick of a new invention it is hard to sleep. His work is always with him and he says that his mind sometimes works in his sleep. He awakes in the morning to find that the problem which had worried him when he went to bed has been practically solved over night. He has always been a light sleeper. His mother died at 70 and she never took more than four hours’ sleep. His father was a light sleeper.

Tesla is a peculiar worker. Failures do not trouble him. After he undertakes a thing and decides that it should come out a certain way, he keeps on experimenting and experimenting, believing in his success. He says that if he doubted his ability it would make him crazy. He seems to have a dual mind. He told me that he often found himself carrying on two trains of thought at the same time, and said that while he was talking to me he could see the figures of some of his calculations behind me and could carry them on at the same time. He is always figuring. His scrap basket is filled with the calculations which he has torn up and thrown away. He keeps a record of his experiments, and when his laboratory burned some years ago he lost the work of years in ideas and suggestions which had been thus recorded.


His New Inventions.
And now to Mr. Tesla’s latest discoveries. If he has what he thinks he has he will revolutionize labor and give man greater benefits than have come from any inventor since the world began. Indeed, the statements made to me last night in the mouth of any other man would be a fair test of insanity. But many of Tesla’s wild statements of the past have been verified by great working inventions. He said he could harness Niagara, and through his experiments in the rotary magnetic fields Niagara is now furnishing a power equal to that of tens of thousands of horses, and electrical works are being run by the same principle all over the globe. The New York subway, for instance, is founded upon it. Tesla demonstrated that wireless telegraphy could be done in 1893, and it is a question whether his inventions in that field are not prior to those of Marconi or De Forrest.

Last evening he told me that he had almost completed inventions by which he could send electrical power to any distance without wires, and that in any quantity, small or great. Said he:

“I have proved that power can be thus transmitted. Let us suppose I have my plant at Niagara and you are running a sugar factory in Australia; by my discoveries it will be possible to send you 100, 500 or 1000-horse power for your factory, and to supply the same regularly by the force furnished from Niagara falls. Suppose you are traveling in the wilds of the Andes and make your camp on the shores of lake Titicaca. By the outcome of this principle you may have telegraphed to you there instantaneous reports of the news of the world as it happens from time to time. You may cook your dinner over an electric fire thus transmitted, and you may have the same at will on any part of the globe. We shall be able to send power from place to place at will, and that at such a small cost that it will be industrially profitable.”

“How did you discover that this might be done, Mr. Tesla?” I asked.

“I have for years been working on the transmission of electrical energy, and in 1898 established a laboratory on the edge of the rocky mountains near Colorado Springs. My laboratory there was over 6000 feet high, higher than the top of Mt. Washington, and I had extraordinary conditions for my experiments. Colorado is famous for its natural displays of electrical force. The earth at times is alive with electrical vibrations and the air is full of electricity. I have seen 12,000 lightning discharges within two hours and all within a radius of 30 miles of my laboratory. These discharges were of great violence, some of them looking like trees of fire on the heavens. It was among such discharges that I had my electrical instruments and studied the principles of electrical transmission through the earth and air. One day while watching the lightning I noticed that the discharges afar off often affected the instruments in my laboratory more than those near by. Upon examination I found that this could not be caused by the difference of intensity in the individual discharges.

“What could it be?

“Through instruments made for the purpose I tested the matter from time to time and finally came to the conclusion that the vibrations caused by the lightning moved around the world and that there were stationary waves. I could gage the discharges near the laboratory and see them fade away and after a certain fixed period find them returning with almost no loss of power In short, this planet, as big as it is, was acting as a conductor, and I became convinced that upon it not only telegraphic messages, but also the modulations of the human voice and electrical power in unlimited amounts, could be carried around the entire globe and sent to any part of it with hardly any perceptible loss. With my transmitter I actually sent electrical vibrations around the world and received them again, and I then went on to develop my machinery. I had, as I have told you, been studying and inventing along the lines of electrical transmission and was ready to take advantage of my discovery. I have since so improved the means of individualization and isolation that such energy may be sent in any amount to any fixed place without danger of its going elsewhere or affecting others, and I believe the individualization can be carried out to almost any degree.”


Niagara for the World.
“Will this enable the power of Niagara to be sent anywhere over the world?”

“Yes. I have been experimenting at my laboratory on Long island. I have machinery and buildings there which have cost in the neighborhood of $350,000, and the results show me that a plant could be erected at Niagara which can transmit its force to any place desired. I am designing such a plant now at my laboratory, and would have had it completed had it not been for unforeseen delays, which have nothing to do with its technical features. The design which I have adopted will have a transmitter which will emit a wave complex of a total maximum activity of 10,000,000 horse power, 1 percent of which is enough to girdle the globe. This enormous rate of energy delivery–it is twice as much as the force of Niagara falls–is obtainable only by the use of certain artifices which I shall make known some time in the future.

                The Tesla Power Plant for transmitting “force” without wires

“We have been offered 10,000 horse power from the Canadian power company. What I want to do is to build machinery there and transmit this power to different parts of the globe. The value of that amount of horse power would be about $200,000 per year, and a plant erected to take advantage of it will pay large dividends.”

“How much would the plant cost?”

“It might cost in the neighborhood of $2,000,000, but its value would be enormous, and its success would revolutionize the working forces of the globe. It would result in other plants being erected otherwheres and in the utilization of all the great waterfalls for the work of man.”


Mother Earth Put to Work.
“By this invention every live part of Mother Earth’s body would be brought into action. Energy will be collected all over the globe in amounts small or large, as it may exist, ranging from a fraction of one to a few horse power or more. Every waterfall can be utilized, every coal field made to produce energy to be transmitted to vast distances, and every place on earth can have power at small cost. One of the minor uses might be the illumination of isolated homes. We could light houses all over the country by means of vacuum tubes operated by high frequency currents. We could keep the clocks of the United States going and give every one exact time; we could turn factories, machine shops and mills, small or large, anywhere, and I believe could also navigate the air.


Transmission of Intelligence.
“One of the most important features of this invention,” said Mr. Tesla, “will be the transmission of intelligence. It will convert the entire earth into a huge brain, capable of responding in every one of its parts. By the employment of a number of plants, each of which can transmit signals to all parts of the world, the news of the globe will be flashed to all points. A cheap and simple receiving device, which might be carried in one’s pocket, can be set up anywhere on sea or land, and it will record the world’s news as it occurs, or take such special messages as are intended for it. If you are in the heart of the Sahara your wife can telegraph you from Washington, and if the instrument is properly made you alone will get the message. A single plant of a few horse power could operate hundreds of such instruments, so that the invention has an infinite working capacity and will cheapen the transmission of all kinds of intelligence.

Frank G. Carpenter
(Copyright, 1904, by Frank G. Carpenter.)



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Is Life Analog or Digital ?

  Freeman Dyson   [3.13.01] 

Silicon-based life and dust-based life are fiction and not fact. I use them as examples to illustrate an abstract argument. The examples are taken from science-fiction but the abstract argument is rigorous science. The abstract concepts are valid, whether or not the examples are real. The concepts are digital-life and analog-life. The concepts are based on a broad definition of life. For the purposes of this discussion, life is defined as a material system that can acquire, store, process, and use information to organize its activities. In this broad view, the essence of life is information, but information is not synonymous with life. To be alive, a system must not only hold information but process and use it. It is the active use of information, and not the passive storage, that constitutes life.

Is Life Analog or Digital?
Question for Edge discussion group from Freeman Dyson 

FREEMAN DYSON is professor of physics at the Institute for Advanced Study, in Princeton. His professional interests are in mathematics and astronomy. Among his many books are Disturbing The Universe, Infinite In All Directions Origins Of Life, From Eros To Gaia, Imagined Worlds, and The Sun, The Genome, And The Internet.




[FREEMAN DYSON:] One of my favorite books is Great Mambo Chicken and the Transhuman Condition” by Ed Regis. The book is a collection of stories about weird ideas and weird people. The transhuman condition is an idea suggested by Hans Moravec. It is the way you live when your memories and mental processes are down-loaded from your brain into a computer. The wiring system of the computer is a substitute for the axons and synapses of the brain. You can then use the computer as a back-up, to keep your personality going in case your brain gets smashed in a car accident, or in case your brain develops Alzheimer’s. After your old brain is gone, you might decide to upload yourself into a new brain, or you might decide to cut your losses and live happily as a transhuman in the computer. The transhumans won’t have to worry about keeping warm. They can adjust their temperature to fit their surroundings. If the computer is made of silicon, the transhuman condition is silicon-based life. Silicon-based life is a possible form for life in a cold universe to adopt, whether or not it happens to begin with water-based creatures like us made of flesh and blood.

Another possible form of life is the Black Cloud described by Fred Hoyle in his famous science fiction novel. The Black Cloud lives in the vacuum of space and is composed of dust-grains instead of cells. It derives its energy from gravitation or starlight, and acquires chemical nutrients from the naturally occurring interstellar dust. It is held together by electric and magnetic interactions between neighboring grains. Instead of having a nervous system or a wiring system, it has a network of long-range electromagnetic signals that transmit information and coordinate its activities. Like silicon-based life and unlike water-based life, the Black Cloud can adapt to arbitrarily low temperatures. Its demand for energy will diminish as the temperature goes down.

Silicon-based life and dust-based life are fiction and not fact. I use them as examples to illustrate an abstract argument. The examples are taken from science-fiction but the abstract argument is rigorous science. The abstract concepts are valid, whether or not the examples are real. The concepts are digital-life and analog-life. The concepts are based on a broad definition of life. For the purposes of this discussion, life is defined as a material system that can acquire, store, process, and use information to organize its activities. In this broad view, the essence of life is information, but information is not synonymous with life. To be alive, a system must not only hold information but process and use it. It is the active use of information, and not the passive storage, that constitutes life.

The two ways of processing information are analog and digital. An LP record gives us music in analog form, a CD gives us music in digital form. A slide-rule does multiplication and division in analog form, an electronic calculator or computer does them in digital form. We define analog-life as life that processes information in analog form, digital-life as life that processes information in digital form. To visualize digital-life, think of a transhuman inhabiting a computer. To visualize analog-life, think of a Black Cloud. The next question that arises is, are we humans analog or digital? We don’t yet know the answer to this question. The information in a human is mostly to be found in two places, in our genes and in our brains. The information in our genes is certainly digital, coded in the four-level alphabet of DNA. The information in our brains is still a great mystery. Nobody yet knows how the human memory works. It seems likely that memories are recorded in variations of the strengths of synapses connecting the billions of neurons in the brain with one another, but we do not know how the strengths of synapses are varied. It could well turn out that the processing of information in our brains is partly digital and partly analog. If we are partly analog, the down-loading of a human consciousness into a digital computer may involve a certain loss of our finer feelings and qualities. That would not be surprising. I certainly have no desire to try the experiment myself.

There is a third possibility, that the processing of information in our brains is done with quantum processes, so that the brain is a quantum computer. We know that quantum computers are possible in principle, and that they are in principle more powerful than digital computers. But we don’t know how to build a quantum computer, and we have no evidence that anything resembling a quantum computer exists in our brains. Since we know so little about quantum computing, I do not consider it in this discussion.

I started thinking about the abstract definition of life twenty years ago, when I published a paper in Reviews of Modern Physics about the possibility that life could survive for ever in a cold expanding universe. I proved to my own satisfaction that survival is possible for a community of living creatures using only a finite store of matter and energy. Then, two years ago, Lawrence Krauss and Glenn Starkman, friends of mine at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, sent me a paper with the title “Life, the Universe, and Nothing”. They say flatly that survival of life for ever is impossible. They say that everything I claimed to prove in my Reviews of Modern Physics paper is wrong. I was happy when I read the Krauss-Starkman paper. It is much more fun to be contradicted than to be ignored.

In the two years since I read their paper, Krauss and Starkman and I have been engaged in vigorous arguments, writing back and forth by E-mail, trying to pokes holes in each others’ calculations. The battle is not over, but we have stayed friends. We have not found any holes that cannot be repaired. It begins to look as if their arguments are right, and my arguments are right too. We can both be right because we are making different assumptions about the nature of life. It turns out that they are right, and life cannot survive for ever, if life is digital, but I am right, and life may survive for ever, if life is analog. This conclusion was unexpected. In the development of our human technology during the last fifty years, analog devices such as LP records and slide-rules appear to be primitive and feeble, while digital devices are overwhelmingly more convenient and powerful. In the modern information-based economy, digital wins every time. So it was unexpected to find that under very general conditions, analog life has a better chance of surviving than digital life. Perhaps this implies that when the time comes for us to adapt ourselves to a cold universe and abandon our extravagant flesh-and-blood habits, we should upload ourselves to black clouds in space rather than download ourselves to silicon chips in a computer center. If I had to choose, I would go for the black cloud every time.

The superiority of analog-life is not so surprising if you are familiar with the mathematical theory of computable numbers and computable functions. Marian Pour-El and Ian Richards, two mathematicians at the University of Minnesota, proved a theorem twenty years ago that says, in a mathematically precise way, that analog computers are more powerful than digital computers. They give examples of numbers that are proved to be non-computable with digital computers but are computable with a simple kind of analog computer. The essential difference between analog and digital computers is that an analog computer deals directly with continuous variables while a digital computer deals only with discrete variables. Our modern digital computers deal only with zeroes and ones. Their analog computer is a classical field propagating though space and time and obeying a linear wave equation. The classical electromagnetic field obeying the Maxwell equations would do the job. Pour-El and Richards show that the field can be focussed on a point in such a way that the strength of the field at that point is not computable by any digital computer, but it can be measured by a simple analog device. The imaginary situation that they consider has nothing to do with biological information. The Pour-El-Richards theorem does not prove that analog-life will survive better in a cold universe. It only makes this conclusion less surprising.

The argument of Krauss and Starkman is based on quantum mechanics. If any material system, living or dead, is finite, it will have only a finite set of accessible quantum states. A finite subset of these states will be ground-states with precisely equal energy, and all other states will have energies separated from the ground-states by a finite energy-gap. If the system could live for ever, the temperature would ultimately become much lower than the energy-gap, and the states above the gap would become inaccessible. From that time on, the system could no longer emit or absorb energy. It could store a certain amount of information in its permanently frozen ground states, but it could not process the information. It would be, according to our definition, dead. Krauss and Starkman thought they had dealt a fatal blow to my survival strategy with their argument. But I am still on my feet, and here is my rebuttal. Their argument is valid for any system that stores information in devices confined within a volume of fixed size as time goes on. It is valid for any system that processes information digitally, using discrete states as carriers of information. In a digital system, the energy gap between discrete states remains fixed as the temperature goes to zero, and the system ceases to operate when the temperature is much lower than the energy gap. But this argument does not apply to a system based on analog rather than digital devices. For example, consider a living system like Hoyle’s Black Cloud, composed of dust-grains interacting by means of electric and magnetic forces. After the universe has cooled down, each dust-grain will be in its ground-state, so that the internal temperature of each grain is zero. But the effective temperature of the system is the kinetic temperature of random motions of the grains. Since electric and gravitational energies vary inversely with distance, the cloud must expand as its temperature cools. A simple calculation shows that, in spite of the falling temperature, the number of quantum-states accessible to each grain increases with the three halves power of the size of the cloud. The number of quantum-states grows larger and larger as the cloud expands. In an analog system of this kind, there is no ground state and no energy gap.

An analog form of life, such as Hoyle’s black cloud, adapts better to low temperatures, because a cloud with a fixed number of grains can expand its memory without limit by increasing its linear scale. The quantized-energy argument does not apply to an analog system, because the number of quantum-states is unbounded. At late times quantum mechanics becomes irrelevant, and the behavior of the system becomes essentially classical. The number of quantum states becomes so large that classical mechanics becomes exact. When analog systems work classically, the quantized-energy argument fails. That is why survival is possible in the domain of classical mechanics although it is impossible in the domain of quantum mechanics. Fortunately, classical mechanics becomes dominant as the universe expands and cools. But Krauss and Starkman have not yet conceded. I am still expecting them to come back with new arguments which I will then do my best to refute.

It seems to me now that the question, whether life is analog or digital, is more interesting and perhaps more important, than the question of ultimate survival out of which it arose.



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Scientists Discover Biophotons In The Brain That Could Hint Our Consciousness is Directly Linked to Light!

This is a  good article that describes the premise behind the technologies that we developed over 20 years ago. When Biophotons are stimulated with the proper type of Light, Consciousness can be greatly enhanced. This was also the premise behind Nikola Tesla’s Light technologies. The Light that was generated would replicate Sunlight both in Radiance as well as in Consciousness.



Scientists found that neurons in mammalian brains were capable of producing photons of light, or “Biophotons”!

The photons, strangely enough, appear within the visible spectrum. They range from near-infrared through violet, or between 200 and 1,300 nanometers.

Scientists have an exciting suspicion that our brain’s neurons might be able to communicate through light. They suspect that our brain might have optical communication channels, but they have no idea what could be communicated.

our brain might have optical communication channels

Even more exciting, they claim that if there is an optical communication happening, the Biophotons our brains produce might be affected by quantum entanglement, meaning there can be a strong link between these photons, our consciousness and possibly what many cultures and religions refer to as Spirit.

In a couple of experiments scientist discovered that rat brains can pass just one biophoton per neuron a minute, but human brains could convey more than a billion biophotons per second.

This raises the question, could it be possible that the more light one can produce and communicate between neurons, the more conscious they are?

the more light one can produce

If there is any correlation between biophotons, light, and consciousness it can have strong implications that there is more to light than we are aware of.

Just think for a moment. Many texts and religions dating way back, since the dawn of human civilization have reported of saints, ascended beings and enlightened individuals having shining circles around their heads.

From Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, to teachings of Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam and Christianity, among many other religions, sacred individuals were depicted with a shining circle in the form of a circular glow around their heads.

shining circle in the form of a circular glow around their heads

If they were as enlightened as they are described maybe this shining circle was just a result of the higher consciousness they operated with, hence a higher frequency and production of biophotons.

Maybe these individuals produced higher level of biophotons with stronger instensity because of their enlightenment, if there is any correlation between biophotons and consciousness.

Even the word enLIGHTenment suggests that this higher consciousness has something to do with light.

enLIGHTenment suggests that this higher consciousness has something to do with light

But one of the most exciting implications the discovery that our brains can produce light gives, is that maybe our consciousness and spirit are not contained within our bodies. This implication is completely overlooked by scientists.

Quantum entanglement says that 2 entangled photons react if one of the photons is affected no matter where the other photon is in The Universe without any delay.

Maybe there is a world that exists within light, and no matter where you are in The Universe photons can act as portals that enable communication between these 2 worlds. Maybe our spirit and consciousness communicate with our bodies through these biophotons. And the more light we produce the more we awaken and embody the wholeness of our consciousness.

Quantum Entanglement

This can explain the phenomenon of why the state of a photon is affected simply by consciously observing it, as it is proven in many quantum experiments.

Maybe our observation communicates something through our biophotons with the photon that is being observed, in a similar fashion as quantum entanglement, like light is just one unified substance that is scattered throughout our Universe and affected through each light particle.

Of course, nothing of this is even close to being a theory. But asking questions and shooting such metaphysical hypothesis might lead us closer to the truth and understanding of what consciousness is, where it comes from, and what are the mysteries that hide within light.



The Connection Between Vivekananda, Tesla, And The Akashic Field

The Connection Between Vivekananda, Tesla, And The Akashic Field

Both Vivekananda and Tesla were hoping for a mutual confirmation of Vedanta and physics.

It is generally accepted that Swami Vivekananda changed the world by bringing the movement for self-knowledge to America. He influenced some of the greatest minds of the twentieth century, starting a process which, one hundred years later, led Lisa Miller, a prominent American journalist, to announce “that conceptually, at least, we are slowly becoming more like Hindus and less like traditional Christians in the ways we think about God, our selves, each other, and eternity.”

Nikola Tesla is not that well known these days in spite of the eponymous electric car, a technological tour de force that is expected to take automotive industry in a new direction. But hundred years ago Tesla was a superstar. He competed with Thomas Edison over what should be the industry standard for power transmission. Tesla was for AC and Edison for DC, and as we know Tesla won that battle and so in the sense of the delivery of electric power, we live in the Age of Tesla.

Born in 1856, Tesla studied engineering in Graz, Austria, but never graduated. He immigrated to the United States in 1884, and very soon had financial backers setting up laboratories and companies for him to develop new electrical devices. His inventions include AC induction motor, power sources, and a generator of high frequency currents.

After his death in 1943, he fell into relative obscurity. But in 1960 the General Conference on Weights and Measures named the SI unit of magnetic flux density the tesla in his honour, which has immortalized his name.

Now to Tesla’s connection with Vivekananda: It appears the actress Sarah Bernhardt introduced them to each other at a party she had thrown. This is what Vivekananda had to say of that meeting in a letter dated February 13, 1896:

Mr. Tesla was charmed to hear about the Vedantic prana and akasha and the kalpas. He thinks he can demonstrate mathematically that force and matter are reducible to potential energy. I am to go to see him next week to get this mathematical demonstration. In that case Vedantic cosmology will be placed on the surest of foundations. I clearly see their perfect union with modern science, and the elucidation of one will be followed by that of the other.

Tesla was unable to show the equivalence of mass and energy. But the search for a relationship between the two hung in the air and as we know the equation E=mc2 was published just a few years afterwards, first by the Italian Olinto de Pretto in 1903 and Albert Einstein in 1905.

In any event, Tesla, in his search of the akashic field, was looking for something more than the conversion of matter into energy. His objective was to harness the primal energy within space itself for mankind’s benefit.

In a posthumously published article called Man’s Greatest Achievement, which was written in 1907, Tesla wrote about the use of akasha and prana thus:

 Long ago… [mankind] recognized that all perceptible matter comes from a primary substance, or tenuity beyond conception, filling all space, the Akasha or luminiferous ether, which is acted upon by the life giving Prana or creative force, calling into existence, in never ending cycles all things and phenomena. The primary substance, thrown into infinitesimal whirls of prodigious velocity, becomes gross matter; the force subsiding, the motion ceases and matter disappears, reverting to the primary substance.

So what are prana and akasha that Vivekananda and Tesla wrote about? The prāṇa in Vedanta is the vital force of life, and the ākāśa is the element often translated as ether from which the other elements emerge.

Prana is more than breath; it is the subtle energy that guides the processes of the body. Modern medical science may not accept it, but the ability of the sadhus living in the upper reaches of the Himalayas in winter, or a modern man like Wim Hof in climbing 22,000 feet of Mount Everest in nothing but shorts and shoes shows it’s working.

The Chāndogya Upaniṣad says this of the relationship between the elements of the universe:

From this Self (Atman), ākāśa arose; from ākāśa air; from air fire; from fire water; from water the earth.

In the Śānti Parva of the Mahābhārata, the sequence of dissolution of the physical universe is as follows:

Under extreme heat, earth becomes water, then fire, then wind, then ākāśa, then space, then mind, then time, then energy, and finally universal consciousness.

The fact that energy can be generated from primordial ether (akasha) is a fundamental tenet in the Vedas, and, of course, akasha also generates other elements. Much before the mass to energy transformation became established physics, such transformations were a part of Indian cosmology. Vivekananda spoke not only about it but also how the mind through prana can do things that are outside the pale of known science.

More recently, quantum physics has shown that the vacuum state is associated with a zero-point energy, and this zero-point energy has measurable effects. Indeed the vacuum is teeming with creation and destruction of particles.

At another end of the subject, the idea of an akashic field as the medium of consciousness has caught some peoples’ attention. Amongst them is the Hungarian scientist Ervin László whose 2004 book Science and the Akashic Field: An Integral Theory of Everything posits a field of information as the substance of the cosmos.

Ervin László
Ervin László

László’s speculations go counter to the Vedic view. Although Vedanta and the Vaiśeṣika postulate the field of ākāśa, it cannot be the field that carries consciousness. Consciousness is not an entity like other fields of physics because if it were so then the equations of physics will be incomplete. Physics as we know it can only be about inert objects and not the experiencing self.

Both Vivekananda and Tesla were hoping for a mutual confirmation of Vedanta and physics. But time was not ripe for it 120 years ago for physics was yet to bring in observers into the picture as it was to do thirty years after their encounter through the framework of quantum mechanics.

Now with the understanding of the zero-point energy of the vacuum and of the cognitive system through the discipline of neuroscience, we may be much closer to explaining the interplay of prana and akasha and the sense in which they correspond to established scientific concepts.


DAN TIEN: The ‘Field Of Elixir’ Is More Important To Spirituality Than The Pineal Gland

It is commonly held that the pineal gland is the ‘seat of the soul,’ a meta-physical portal of sorts that is believed to play an important role in conscious awareness and spiritual experience. Certain practices and supplements may assist in improving the function of the pineal gland, however, by training the more fundamental energy centers of the body, the Dan Tien, one can more quickly achieve heightened spiritual awareness, and over time a much more powerful and deeper sense of intuition and connectedness than by concentrating on the pineal gland alone.

This is the secret that the great masters of Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Qi Gong have known for centuries. This is the key to elevated consciousness, to super-human strength, to unbending will-power and extreme longevity.

At its core, all matter is made up of energy in motion, the human body being no different. We are energetic beings, sensitive to the currents around us, with the capacity to expend energy and to draw energy from nature, from other beings, and from food and air.

People can give off positive, confident ‘vibes,’ and at other times radiate negative energy, both of which can be contagious, affecting the mood and energy level of others. Some people just seem more magnetic, alive, aware and more radiant than others do, for example, Bruce Lee. Practices of cultivating Dan Tien can develop one’s ability to gather, build, store, and more effectively use personal energy, or Qi, transforming themselves into the kind of person with abundant and infectious positive Qi. The elixir of life.

Dan Tien 

Literally, “Field of Elixir.” Locations in the body which are able to store and generate Qi (elixir) in the body. The Upper, Middle and Lower Dan Tien are located, respectively, between the eyebrows, at the solar plexus, and a few inches below the navel. [Dr. Yang, The Root of Chinese Qigong: Secrets of Health, Longevity, & Enlightenment]

the-field-of-elixir-is-more-important-to-spirituality-than-the-pineal-gland2Lower Dan Tien is the base foundation of the body’s energy structure, acting as the root, or grounding center, as well as being the physical center of the human body. When attention is focused here, it is easy to recognize a concentration of energy. Practices for building and refining the energy of Lower Dan Tien may include physical exercises, guided meditations, breathing exercises, and visualizations, as well as more extreme practices.

When the energy in Lower Dan Tien is strong, the person is vibrant, in good health, full with energy and stamina, and physically robust. If the person is deficient here, then they will be weak, feeble, and of ill-constitution. A simple analogy is that of a battery, or re-chargeable energy source for your body:

“A dantian is simply an energy center. Think of the battery you have in your cell phone. Most of us charge our phones overnight so when we wake the next morning, we have a phone that can get us through our busy day. The dantians, much like that battery, have the potential for robust power that can be utilized for a variety of activities. Conversely, by the end of the day, you are scrambling around for your charger because you have only 2% on your phone and, God forbid, you miss the next important Facebook post. The same is true for the energy centers in the body.” [Breaking Muscle]

This center of the body is considered by both energy healers and scientists alike to be the center of a ‘second’ human brain, or ‘brain in the gut.’ It is a concentration of components of the nervous system that resembles the brain, and technically known as the enteric nervous system, but more closely linked to emotional intelligence, rather than thought processing.

DAN TIEN: The ‘Field Of Elixir’ Is More Important To Spirituality Than The Pineal Gland1

“A deeper understanding of this mass of neural tissue, filled with important neurotransmitters, is revealing that it does much more than merely handle digestion or inflict the occasional nervous pang. The little brain in our innards, in connection with the big one in our skulls, partly determines our mental state and plays key roles in certain diseases throughout the body.” [Scientific American]

The phenomenal thing about training Dan Tien is that truly anyone can do it, and anyone can achieve quick results even without access to a school or formal program. Many of the most profound practices are also the most gentle, and a number of Chi masters have revealed their secrets in books, videos, and instructional seminars, so that nowadays, formerly esoteric knowledge of the body, mind and spirit is available to all who seek it. There are many excellent free training videos available online, and with these resources you are equipped to take control of your own health and spiritual development.

A small amount of dedication and self-discipline can quickly lead to big gains in wellness and spiritual awareness with this type of training. When seeking a better understanding of life and our purpose in it, if we first concentrate on developing the foundation of the energetic body, rather than on more esoteric concepts like the pineal gland, then big changes in psyche and spiritual aptitude come quickly and with increasing ease, and are more likely to persist and become a part of ordinary awareness.

Training Dan Tien, starting with Lower Dan Tien, is the most effective means of refining your will power, concentration, and spiritual connection. For a simple place to start, take a look at the following resources. The first video is a very beneficial exercise which involves beating and drumming Qi, as you’ll see:

The next short training video emphasizes a relaxing and energizing swaying movement which is terrific as a starting point to developing sensitivity to the energy flow and inherent power in the area of Lower Dan Tien. Here are some guidelines to consider:

“As with any Qigong work, focused intention is the great difference maker when we are talking about effectiveness. My suggested repetition range would be between fifty to 200 cycles. The good news is fifty repetitions of the swaying Qigong exercise can take less than ninety seconds. And 200 repetitions takes perhaps a little more than five minutes. These exercises can be overdone, though, so please stay within the confines of the recommendations presented in the videos.” [Breaking Muscle]

Written by Dylan Charles of

About the Author

Dylan Charles is a student and teacher of Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Qi Gong, a practitioner of Yoga and Taoist esoteric arts, and an activist and idealist passionately engaged in the struggle for a more sustainable and just world for future generations. He is the editor of, the proprietor of, a grateful father and a man who seeks to enlighten others with the power of inspiring information and action. His remarkable journey of self-transformation is a testament to the power of the will and the persistence of the human spirit. He may be contacted at

This article is offered under Creative Commons license. It’s okay to republish it anywhere as long as full attribution is given, bio is included, and all internal links remain intact.


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Oscillating Circuit by Multidimensional Technologies

The Oscillating circuit is a simple yet very functional way to enhance the Vital energy or Chi of those who wear them.   The Oscillating Circuit was made famous in the 1920’s by the Russian engineer Georges Lakhovsky. It was also the foundation for his remarkable Multiple Wave Oscillator technology.  In some documents Lakhovsky is even considered to be the inventor of the Oscillating Circuit.  However, a quick bit of research shows this technology is potentially thousands of years old.  The Torc or Torque was commonly worn as far back as the Bronze Age.  They are generally made of metal in the shape of a circle with an open end as the photo below shows.  Torc’s have even been discovered in artifacts that show them being worn by the Celtic Gods.  Based on these facts, it is very possible that ancient man had the intuitive understanding of this technology and used it to enhance their daily lives.


Ancient Torc


The science behind this technology and how it works is based on the understanding that all living things have an oscillating electrical nature. Lakhovsky surmised that the nucleus of a cell is very much like an electrical oscillating circuit.  Cells have capacitance, inductance and  oscillate at specific frequencies.  Basically, our cells act like tiny radio  transmitters and receivers.   Our cells are powered by what Lakhovsky called Cosmic Rays.  He discovered several factors that disrupt the cells and cause them to get out of balance.  Lakhovsky called this Oscillatory Disequilibrium which basically means that the cells oscillations have slowed to a point where they no longer function properly.  In the state of Oscillatory Disequilibrium our bodies become prone to disease.   In order for a cell to return to a state of balance or Oscillatory Equilibrium he found that his specific design of the Oscillating Circuit would do the trick.    He was able to amply demonstrate this with his groundbreaking research using plants.  He would infect Geranium plants with tumors and then he would apply the Oscillating Circuits  to some of the plants and none to others.  The photograph below shows how this was accomplished.


Photo of Geranium plants 2 months after they were infected with tumors.  The plant with the Oscillating Circuit is thriving while the others have perished.

Lakhovsky was also able to demonstrate the same type of success with humans and animals.  The diagram below shows how they can be worn by humans.  Lakhovsky’s research into the effectiveness of the Oscillating Circuits can be found in his work “The Secret of Life”  circa 1939 .  His profound research went virtually unnoticed since its release date coincided with Hitlers’ invasion of Prague.   The term Radiobiology was coined to describe this new type of science that Lakhovsky developed.  Regardless as to whether or not Lakhovsky invented the Oscillating Circuit technology, his research proving the efficacy of this technology is unmatched to this day.

This diagram shows where the oscillating circuits should be worn, i.e. around the neck, waist, and above the elbows and knees.  They can also be worn around the wrists and ankles.  The effect is intensified if more than one circuit is worn.

Lakhovsky believed that the circuits worked best when the ends of the rings overlapped but did not touch.  Oscillating Circuits when worn in the specific locations shown above bring Chi to those areas.  When applied to any plant or animal the Oscillating Circuits act to amplify cosmic or universal energies.     For best results for arms and legs, use the circuits in pairs.  One around each arm, one around each knee, etc.   The circuits are not extremely difficult to make and if you feel competent, give it a try.  We are sure you will be amazed.   We have been making these for many years and offer them for very reasonable prices.   Our Oscillating Circuits are made of pure Copper.  If your skin is sensitive to copper they can be worn over your clothing.  They are custom made to the measurements of each individual users specific dimensions .    If you would like to purchase an individual Oscillating Circuit or a full set please download the PDF document below.   Fill out the specific measurements listed.  For plants please specify  small,  medium, large, or extra large based on the size descriptions on the order  form.   Return your purchase request to .  Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery.  Free shipping in the Continental U.S.A.

Oscillating Circuit order form PDF


For over 20 years Multidimensional Technologies has been an industry leader in the development and manufacture of state-of-the-art Bio-Photonic Light  Technologies.   We distribute worldwide our technologies that are designed to promote consciousness.  For more information on us and what we do visit us @

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Oscillating Crystal Wands


We are mostly known for the invention of the Tesla Lights,  but we have a number of other products that we have also developed over the course of the 20 odd years we have been in business.  In the next few weeks we will be doing a spotlight on some of our other products that have assisted many people in finding wholeness.  One of them are the Oscillating Crystal Wands that come with every set of Tesla Lights that we sell.  They are an excellent companion to the Tesla Lights but they also do very well on their own.  


The Oscillating Crystal Wands generate a magnetic field that activates Chi or the vital energy of the user.  The interaction between the Quartz crystalline structure and the magnets in the crystals create a resonance.  This resonance raises the vibratory rate and creates balance in the user.

 We live in an electrical universe where everything has an oscillatory nature.  When our bodies get out of balance for any number of reasons, the oscillations of our cells slow down.   The crystals, when applied to any plant or animal, act to amplify cosmic or universal energies.  The synergy of these electromagnetic fields, that of the crystals and those of cosmic origin bring vitality and harmony to the user.  Scientifically this is called Piezoelectricity or the Piezoelectric Effect.  The Piezoelectric effect is the ability of certain materials (Quartz in this application) to generate an alternating current of voltage when it oscillates. 

The crystals can be placed on the body in areas where there may be some kind of discomfort.  They can be held in the hands or carried in ones pockets.  The crystals are also very effective in balancing the Electromagnetic Fields or EMF energies that come for electronic devices.  They can be placed on computers to absorb the negative EMF frequencies that they generate. 

The crystals should be cleaned in pure water and recharged in the sun or placed in the earth. 

Children at the ‘Just us Friends Clinic’  in Arusha, Tanzania using the Oscillating Crystal Wands


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First ever close-up footage of DNA replication will have experts rewriting science textbooks


For the first time, scientists have recorded DNA replication in real time. The scientists extracted DNA from E. coli bacteria, dyed it, and then watched the DNA replicate itself. The footage, alone, is fascinating. But the real shocker comes with what scientists discovered from the footage. They document their findings in the prestigious scientific journal Cell.

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Scientists at Stanford Are Turning Tesla’s Global Wireless Power Grid Into Reality

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(ANTIMEDIA) Palo Alto, CAScientists at Stanford University have figured out how to wirelessly transmit electricity between moving objects, overcoming previous limitations and possibly bringing Nikola Tesla’s vision of a global wireless power grid closer to reality. Using technology originally developed in 2007 at MIT to wirelessly transmit electricity between stationary objects, the research team was able to achieve a power transfer between moving objects based on magnetic resonance coupling. When electricity moves through wires, it creates an oscillating magnetic field, which in turn causes electrons in wire coils nearby to oscillate, thus transferring energy.  However, if the oscillating coils are not tuned automatically and continuously as the object moves, the flow of electricity is stopped

It is a complex process, and until now it has been one of the primary obstacles in transferring energy wirelessly. Stanford’s researchers solved this with the use of a commercially available voltage amplifier and feedback resistor, which automatically figures out the right frequency for different distances without the need for human interference. “Adding the amplifier allows power to be very efficiently transferred across most of the three-foot range and despite the changing orientation of the receiving coil,” said graduate student Sid Assawaworrarit, the study’s lead author. “This eliminates the need for automatic and continuous tuning of any aspect of the circuits.”

According to a press release published by Stanford’s news service:

The team is now working on greatly increasing the amount of electricity that can be transferred, and tweaking the system to extend the transfer distance and improve efficiency.”

If successful, the technology will likely one day be used to charge everything from medical implants to cell phones to even electric vehicles as they drive. Professor of electrical engineering and senior author of the study, Shanui Fan, is optimistic about future applications of the technology.

“In addition to advancing the wireless charging of vehicles and personal devices like cellphones, our new technology may untether robotics in manufacturing, which also are on the move,” Fan said.

“We still need to significantly increase the amount of electricity being transferred to charge electric cars, but we may not need to push the distance too much more.”

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Blue Brain Team Discovers a Multidimensional Universe in Brain Networks

The image attempts to illustrate something that cannot be imaged — a universe of multi-dimensional structures and spaces. On the left is a digital copy of a part of the neocortex, the most evolved part of the brain. On the right are shapes of different sizes and geometries in an attempt to represent structures ranging from 1 dimension to 7 dimensions and beyond. The “black-hole” in the middle is used to symbolize a complex of multi-dimensional spaces, or cavities. Researchers at Blue Brain Project report groups of neurons bound into such cavities provide the missing link between neural structure and function, in their new study published in Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience. Credit: Blue Brain Project

For most people, it is a stretch of the imagination to understand the world in four dimensions but a new study has discovered structures in the brain with up to eleven dimensions – ground-breaking work that is beginning to reveal the brain’s deepest architectural secrets.

 Using algebraic topology in a way that it has never been used before in neuroscience, a team from the Blue Brain Project has uncovered a universe of multi-dimensional geometrical structures and spaces within the networks of the .

The research, published today in Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience, shows that these structures arise when a group of neurons forms a clique: each neuron connects to every other neuron in the group in a very specific way that generates a precise geometric object. The more neurons there are in a clique, the higher the of the geometric object.

“We found a world that we had never imagined,” says neuroscientist Henry Markram, director of Blue Brain Project and professor at the EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland, “there are tens of millions of these objects even in a small speck of the brain, up through seven dimensions. In some networks, we even found structures with up to eleven dimensions.”

Markram suggests this may explain why it has been so hard to understand the brain. “The mathematics usually applied to study networks cannot detect the high-dimensional structures and spaces that we now see clearly.”

If 4D worlds stretch our imagination, worlds with 5, 6 or more dimensions are too complex for most of us to comprehend. This is where algebraic topology comes in: a branch of mathematics that can describe systems with any number of dimensions. The mathematicians who brought algebraic topology to the study of brain networks in the Blue Brain Project were Kathryn Hess from EPFL and Ran Levi from Aberdeen University.

“Algebraic topology is like a telescope and microscope at the same time. It can zoom into networks to find hidden structures – the trees in the forest – and see the empty spaces – the clearings – all at the same time,” explains Hess.

In 2015, Blue Brain published the first digital copy of a piece of the neocortex – the most evolved part of the brain and the seat of our sensations, actions, and consciousness. In this latest research, using algebraic topology, multiple tests were performed on the virtual brain tissue to show that the multi-dimensional brain structures discovered could never be produced by chance. Experiments were then performed on real brain tissue in the Blue Brain’s wet lab in Lausanne confirming that the earlier discoveries in the virtual tissue are biologically relevant and also suggesting that the brain constantly rewires during development to build a with as many high-dimensional structures as possible.

When the researchers presented the virtual brain tissue with a stimulus, cliques of progressively higher dimensions assembled momentarily to enclose high-dimensional holes, that the researchers refer to as cavities. “The appearance of high-dimensional cavities when the brain is processing information means that the neurons in the network react to stimuli in an extremely organized manner,” says Levi. “It is as if the brain reacts to a stimulus by building then razing a tower of multi-dimensional blocks, starting with rods (1D), then planks (2D), then cubes (3D), and then more complex geometries with 4D, 5D, etc. The progression of activity through the brain resembles a multi-dimensional sandcastle that materializes out of the sand and then disintegrates.”

The big question these researchers are asking now is whether the intricacy of tasks we can perform depends on the complexity of the multi-dimensional “sandcastles” the brain can build. Neuroscience has also been struggling to find where the brain stores its memories. “They may be ‘hiding’ in high-dimensional cavities,” Markram speculates.

More information: Cliques of Neurons Bound into Cavities Provide a Missing Link between Structure and Function Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience (2017). DOI: 10.3389/fncom.2017.00048

Provided by: Frontiers



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Maintaining Body’s Circadian Clock May be Due to Synchronized Voltage Rhythms

A new study shows that synchronized voltage rhythms may be key in coordinating our internal clock, offering new avenues for treatment of circadian disorders.

The inner working of the brain is one of the hottest areas of research right now. Although we know a great deal about this organ’s structure and functions, finding out the cellular mechanisms underlying the brain is a more difficult task. New research on the suprachiasmatic nucleus of the hypothalamus suggests that synchronized voltage rhythms are an integral part of this organ’s function. Could controlling this electrical activity be a future treatment for circadian disorders?

What Is the Suprachiasmatic Nucleus?

The suprachiasmatic nucleus is commonly known to be a driver of our innate circadian rhythm, synchronizing our internal rhythms with those of the outside world. Also called the SCN, this area of the hypothalamus is situated deep within the brain. Researchers have long known that the SCN receives messages about light from the retinas of our eyes and also coordinates signals from other systems. From there, it passes messages to the pineal gland, where melatonin is produced and stored. The pineal gland then releases melatonin in response to signals from the SCN, which in turn drives much of the cellular activity that relates to our circadian rhythm.

Although we understand a great deal about this complex system, there is much that is still unknown. In particular, we know very little about how environmental cues are coordinated into a coherent signal. However, a new chronobiology study sheds light on this matter, showing that synchronized voltage rhythms within the cells of the SCN may be an important part of the puzzle.

Synchronized Voltage Rhythms and the Circadian Rhythm

Maintaining Body's Circadian Clock May be Due to Synchronized Voltage RhythmsOur brain activity is partially controlled by electricity passed along neurons that function much like a wire in a machine. However, this electrical activity may be more complex than we previously believed. Like most neurons, the neurons of the SCN have voltage that is controlled by the build-up and release of ion gradients, in this case calcium. Researchers decided to measure the voltage in these neurons throughout the day using a special voltage sensor encoded into the DNA of mouse brains.

While each cell had its own oscillating rhythm, the additive effects of the cells were significant enough to form a pattern, driving our internal clocks. Even more surprising, cells in the SCN appeared to oscillate independent of calcium levels. Researchers believe that these cells have an alternate mechanism known as a synchronized voltage rhythm. That is, the cells communicate with other cells in the region to coordinate their changes in voltage and the resulting changes in SCN activity.

What Does This Mean for Treatment of Sleep Disorders?

While this may seem like impossibly complex science, there are real life applications that are more difficult to explain. First, electrical activity in the SCN is not entirely dependent on calcium channels. Treating sleep disorders with drugs addressing the activity of these calcium channels would likely be unsuccessful. The voltage rhythms appear to be completely independent of calcium fluctuation.

Second, clusters of neurons in the SCN appear to act as regional groups. Sleep disorders may be due to the activity of a very small number of neurons rather than the entire SCN. Local treatment may thus be more effective than treatments aimed at the entire body or even the entire brain. This is significant because the drugs prescribed for sleep disorders currently, which are often ineffective and have high rates of side effects, act on a variety of systems throughout the body.

Exactly how can we use this knowledge to more effectively treat sleep disorders in the real world? This question remains unanswered—for now. Understanding more about how our circadian rhythm is maintained on a cellular level offers hope for future treatments, but in the meantime, there remain few pharmaceutical options. Physicians and scientists continue to recommend lifestyle measures and supplements such as melatonin to keep our internal clocks on time.




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Electric Fertilizer: The Effects of Electricity on Soil Properties and Plant Production

We live in an electric universe.   Everything is electrical in nature and everything responds to electrical stimulation.  For many years we have seen the profound effects of applying electrical fields to plant life.  Specifically using one of our inventions, the Subtle Energy Activation Devices ie: ‘The Tesla Lights’ .  This article discusses the usage of electrical currents as an excellent option to using chemical nutrients in horticulture.  We are excited to see this information making it into the public awareness because we feel very firmly that this is the future of agriculture.

By: Christopher Fontenot

 Electricity is essential to plant growth and disease resistance. Through the use of electrical currents at specific pulse rates, chemical fertilizers may be fast becoming a thing of the past.

“Apparently the first man to explore the potential was one Dr Maimbray (or Mainbray or Von Maimbray — sources differ) of Edinburgh who in 1746 undertook to electrify two myrtle bushes. He used a primitive electrostatic generator to produce the power. After being zapped for the entire month of October, according to Maimbray, the shrubs put out new branches and blossomed. A paper on the effects of electricity on vegetables read to the Royal Society in London the following year resulted in a wave of enthusiastic experiments.”

“That may not, however, be the last word on the subject. In 2006 an English botanist named Andrew Goldsworthy came up with an ingenious explanation of why plants reacted positively to electrical current. It was, it seems, a hereditary response to the atmospheric electricity produced by an approaching thunderstorm. Being zapped caused the plants to anticipate a good drink of water and prepared them for making use of it — and growing faster.”

“Electric fertilizer, i. e. exerting electric field on plants during growing season instead of chemical fertilizer, is a kind of physical fertilizer, and the third kind of fertilizer with developmental prospect after inorganic fertilizer and organic fertilizer. For the purpose of studying the changes of physical and chemical properties of soil after exerting electric field, five treatments with different applications of chemical fertilizer were arranged on the black soil in Yushu City of Jilin Province by randomized block method, and electric field was exerted on plants every ten days during the growing season. Through sample analysis the paper arrives at following conclusions: 1) Exerting electric field can make soil’s granular structure increase, bulk density decrease, moisture capacity increase, thus improving the perviousness of soil. 2) Exerting electric field can make microorganism’s number increase and activity strengthen, thus activating nutrient and increasing organic matter content. 3) Exerting electric field with 0.1A medium has the best effect. So the chemical fertilizer can be saved. Therefore, we can say that the application of electric fertilizer is favorable for decreasing chemical poison, improving soil, relaxing the contradiction between the supply and demand of chemical fertilizer, and decreasing production cost of agriculture and forestry.”

“The fabric of all things in physical form on this planet is based on elemental atomic structure. Biological entities are composed of interconnected cellular structures forming tissues, organs and biochemical networks. At the core are atomic elements, each of which is associated with some level of electrical charge. These charges are the basis for the forces of electrochemical attraction and repulsion that occur within the cellular structures within all living things.The interactions between these components are vast, making use of many forms of information and electro-biological mechanisms including electrochemistry, biophysics, genetics and perhaps other forms of study that are beyond our current understanding, such as the studies of subtle energies, bioenergetics and quantum physics, which are still in their infancy.”

“For example, not only are large molecules such as proteins usually electrically charged, but did you know that DNA itself is also highly charged? It is these electrostatic forces that hold the molecule together and give it structure and strength.”

Electro-horticulture is an amazing study of the electrical properties of plants. Through these studies, revelations as to the effectiveness of electricity in plant production are better understood.
This slideshow explain the process and benefits.



For over 20 years Multidimensional Technologies has been an industry leader in the development and manufacture of state-of-the-art Bio-Photonic Light Technologies.   We distribute worldwide our technologies that are designed to promote consciousness.  For more information on us and what we do visit us @

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First evidence for higher state of consciousness found

 Neuroscientists observed a sustained increase in neural signal diversity – a measure of the complexity of brain activity – of people under the influence of , compared with when they were in a normal waking state.

The diversity of brain signals provides a mathematical index of the level of consciousness. For example, people who are awake have been shown to have more diverse neural activity using this scale than those who are asleep.

This, however, is the first study to show brain-signal diversity that is higher than baseline, that is higher than in someone who is simply ‘awake and aware’. Previous studies have tended to focus on lowered states of consciousness, such as sleep, anaesthesia, or the so-called ‘vegetative’ state.

The team say that more research is needed using more sophisticated and varied models to confirm the results but they are cautiously excited.

Professor Anil Seth, Co-Director of the Sackler Centre for Consciousness Science at the University of Sussex, said: “This finding shows that the brain-on-psychedelics behaves very differently from normal.

“During the psychedelic state, the electrical activity of the brain is less predictable and less ‘integrated’ than during normal conscious wakefulness – as measured by ‘global signal diversity’.

“Since this measure has already shown its value as a measure of ‘conscious level’, we can say that the psychedelic state appears as a higher ‘level’ of consciousness than normal – but only with respect to this specific mathematical measure.”

For the study, Michael Schartner, Adam Barrett and Professor Seth of the Sackler Centre reanalysed data that had previously been collected by Imperial College London and the University of Cardiff in which healthy volunteers were given one of three drugs known to induce a psychedelic state: psilocybin, ketamine and LSD.

Using brain imaging technology, they measured the tiny magnetic fields produced in the brain and found that, across all three drugs, this measure of conscious level – the neural signal diversity – was reliably higher.

This does not mean that the psychedelic state is a ‘better’ or more desirable state of consciousness, the researchers stress; instead, it shows that the psychedelic brain state is distinctive and can be related to other global changes in conscious level (e.g. sleep, anaesthesia) by application of a simple mathematical measure of signal diversity. Dr Muthukumaraswamy who was involved in all three initial studies commented: “That similar changes in signal diversity were found for all three drugs, despite their quite different pharmacology, is both very striking and also reassuring that the results are robust and repeatable.”

The findings could help inform discussions gathering momentum about the carefully-controlled medical use of such drugs, for example in treating severe depression.

Dr Robin Cahart-Harris of Imperial College London said: “Rigorous research into psychedelics is gaining increasing attention, not least because of the therapeutic potential that these drugs may have when used sensibly and under medical supervision.

“The present study’s findings help us understand what happens in people’s brains when they experience an expansion of their under psychedelics. People often say they experience insight under these drugs – and when this occurs in a therapeutic context, it can predict positive outcomes. The present findings may help us understand how this can happen.”

As well as helping to inform possible medical applications, the study adds to a growing scientific understanding of how conscious level (how conscious one is) and conscious content (what one is conscious of) are related to each other.

Professor Seth said: “We found correlations between the intensity of the psychedelic experience, as reported by volunteers, and changes in signal diversity. This suggests that our measure has close links not only to global brain changes induced by the drugs, but to those aspects of brain dynamics that underlie specific aspects of conscious experience.”

The research team are now working hard to identify how specific changes in information flow in the underlie specific aspects of psychedelic experience, like hallucinations.

The study is published in Scientific Reports.

In a striking coincidence, the release date of this paper (19th April, 2017) comes precisely 74 years to-the-day after Albert Hoffman – who first synthesized LSD in 1938 – conducted his first ‘self-experiment’ to discover its psychological effects.  This date, 19th April 1943, is widely known as ‘bicycle day’ in honour of Hoffman’s bicycle ride home following this first LSD trip.

Explore further: How does brain functional connectivity change from the awake to unconscious state?

More information: Scientific Reports, DOI: 10.1038/srep46421



For over 20 years Multidimensional Technologies has been an industry leader in the development and manufacture of state-of-the-art Bio-Photonic Light  Technologies.   We distribute worldwide our technologies that are designed to promote consciousness.  For more information on us and what we do visit us @

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