We are mostly known for the invention of the Tesla Lights,  but we have a number of other products that we have also developed over the course of the 20 odd years we have been in business.  In the next few weeks we will be doing a spotlight on some of our other products that have assisted many people in finding wholeness.  One of them are the Oscillating Crystal Wands that come with every set of Tesla Lights that we sell.  They are an excellent companion to the Tesla Lights but they also do very well on their own.  


The Oscillating Crystal Wands generate a magnetic field that activates Chi or the vital energy of the user.  The interaction between the Quartz crystalline structure and the magnets in the crystals create a resonance.  This resonance raises the vibratory rate and creates balance in the user.

 We live in an electrical universe where everything has an oscillatory nature.  When our bodies get out of balance for any number of reasons, the oscillations of our cells slow down.   The crystals, when applied to any plant or animal, act to amplify cosmic or universal energies.  The synergy of these electromagnetic fields, that of the crystals and those of cosmic origin bring vitality and harmony to the user.  Scientifically this is called Piezoelectricity or the Piezoelectric Effect.  The Piezoelectric effect is the ability of certain materials (Quartz in this application) to generate an alternating current of voltage when it oscillates. 

The crystals can be placed on the body in areas where there may be some kind of discomfort.  They can be held in the hands or carried in ones pockets.  The crystals are also very effective in balancing the Electromagnetic Fields or EMF energies that come for electronic devices.  They can be placed on computers to absorb the negative EMF frequencies that they generate. 

The crystals should be cleaned in pure water and recharged in the sun or placed in the earth. 

Children at the ‘Just us Friends Clinic’  in Arusha, Tanzania using the Oscillating Crystal Wands


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