How does the Tesla Lights / S.E.A.D. work?

The Tesla Lights emit “information” via a ultrahigh frequency electromagnetic energy and Photonic light harmonics.  It produces this “information” through the vehicle of noble gas ionization.  There is a long tradition of research into the energetic effects of photon producing noble gases.  An optimal mixture of noble gases are excited by electromagnetic energy that causes a plasma field to be emitted from the tubes.

Critical to an effective instrument is the complexity of the circuits that generate the waves, or frequency patterns, of the information.  The Tesla Lights  have optimal circuit design for this purpose.  In order to be completely effective, all wellness must be addressed on mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

The cells of all living organisms have electronic functions, including circuits, radiation and wave structures.  The electronic functions and wave structures of diseased cells differ from those of normal cells.  Bio-photonic technology holds a unique impulse wave structure which is designed to reinforce  an organism’s essential electromagnetic field information (aura) to correct diseased cells.

The key to understanding why this technology works lies in the concept of vital energy.  According to the field of quantum physics, the molecules composing living organisms are actually just a form of vibrating energy.  Einstein concluded that matter and energy were actually perfectly interchangeable,i.e., all matter is frozen energy.  Equally, everything around us is energy vibrating at different frequencies.  Just as X-rays, radio and television waves, ultrasonic waves and microwaves have different frequencies so do the various systems of living organisms and everything in the world around us.

Past research shows that directing specific energy frequencies at living organisms that are out of balance can bring them back into balance.  This is accomplished by a form of entrainment, encouraging by resonating with the proper frequency.

All cells capable of reproduction contain in their nuclei “filaments” of highly conductive material surrounded by insulating media.  This filament or RNA-DNA complex, is always in a form of a spiral helix, in other words, a coil.  Therefore , each will react as a tuned circuit if its resonant frequency can be approximated by external oscillating energy.

By exciting the nuclei with electromagnetic energy a “charge” can be induced by the long established principle of electromagnetic induction.  This demonstrably raises the energy level and perhaps the vitality of every cell in the field simultaneously.

Why does this technology work?

The wellness of living organisms depends on the quality of energy it is able to maintain.  Photons are considered the purest and highest waveform of energy known.  Physicists emphasize that the photon is eternal, very dynamic and always in motion.  Photons are the means by which one physical element changes into another (transmutation)

What is Photonic energy and why is it important to wellness?

Certain studies indicate that the effects of Photonic energy on living organisms can be profound.  All cells contain DNA, which is the blueprint of living molecular organization: DNA is the functional unit from which the whole organism is built and constantly rebuilt.  The quality of energy feeding back to the DNA is dependent upon the density and vibratory energy rate in the chain of pi-electron clouds throughout the system.  Electrons love protons.  The electromagnetic fields produced by electrons attract protons.   Protons are emitted and re-absorbed constantly as bio-electric and bio-magnetic currents course through the nervous system and circulatory system.  As protons move, they generate three-dimensional rotating magnetic fields around themselves that are highly beneficial to living organisms.

Who invented the original Multiple Wave Oscillator (M.W.O.) on which the Tesla Lights / S.E.A.D. are based ?

The original M.W.O. that Georges Lakhovsky made famous was based on technology developed by Nikola Tesla.  Lakhovsky was having difficulty developing his design and contacted Tesla who was a friend of his.   Tesla basically gave Lakhovsky his design and told him to run with it.

Why does the Tesla Lights / S.E.A.D.  look different than the original MWO built by Lakhovsky?

Although the Tesla Lights are based on the technology of Tesla, Lakhovsky, and Rife, it is a highly advanced 21st century device.  We have gone the extra mile so to speak to build a unit with modern technology to greatly advance the power and effectiveness of the original work.  For example the original MWO used two coils and the user would sit between them.  It was later discovered that the receiver, or non-electrified coil, was not necessary since the patient was the receiver.  Therefore, it was only necessary to provide a transmitter.  We have discovered that by using an electrified AC and DC unit at either side of the user that the mixing of those fields creates a 3rd field that is more significant that the AC or DC fields by themselves.   In so doing the user is immersed in this balancing energy.   Lakhovsky believed that the more harmonics that could be generated the better results.  He started using argon gas in the ring antenna to enhance the energy field.  We have taken that to the next level by using a full spectrum of special gases to create an extremely rich harmonic field.

Who invented the Bio-electric Light Stimulator  B.E.L.S. technology?

The B.E.L.S. was invented by a group of 4 people using the technologies of primarily Nikola Tesla.  There has been some speculation that the only inventors of the B.E.L.S. are the names that appear on the patents.   That being one of the original design team and a venture capitalist who had nothing to do with the design in any way.   Because of some situations could not be resolved, the group disbanded when a venture capitalist became involved.  The venture capitalist made it clear to the person who wanted to work with them  that they would only work with one person.  In order for this to happen that person needed to sever all ties with the other people that were involved in the research and development.  As a result a contract was given to the other three individuals that stated that they had no claim to the  When asked to sign the document they refused unless a clause was added that stated that all three of them were co-inventors of the B.E.L.S. technology.  It has been insinuated that this clause only pertained to a small portion of the in an attempt to diminish the other inventors contribution.  However, those who signed the document signed it in the spirit in which it was purposed by them, that they were co-inventors with no stipulations.  These three co-inventors of the B.E.L.S. technology freely gave away their ties to the technology and wished the others Godspeed for the sake of the evolvement of this spectacular technology.

The determination as to which design is better boils down to personal preference.  No side by side study has ever been conducted.  Any and all claims that the B.E.L.S. design is better are simply opinion and not based on any science or fact.   It is our perspective that these statements are nothing more than the personal opinions of those marketing their own particular appliances.   We have intuitively felt that the Tesla Lights is a much cleaner and more Bio-available design.  Turning down the power output of the larger B.E.L.S. type units does not produce the same clean and clear energy the Tesla Lights generate in our opinion.  We base our views on our own experiences as well as the testimonials of thousands of users who have used this technology and prefer the Tesla Lights over the B.E.L.S. copies that exist.  We have embraced the “Less is more” philosophy because of the “fragile” nature of living organisms and our concerns regarding stronger energy fields produced by them .  Subtle energy, from our perspective is much easier to assimilate in a softer and cleaner form.   We also base our opinion on 25 years of sales with a less than 1% return rate of our products over that time.  Basically, if we felt that the B.E.L.S. design was better we would still be using that type of design.   Both designs have merit beyond any doubt.  For this reason we strongly encourage any potential customers to do their own due diligence and experience these technologies before making any decisions.

 Why are gas tubes necessary?

In 1925, Georges Lakhovsky started using argon gas in the copper rings that made up the antenna of his Multiple Wave Oscillator.  He found that certain inert gases, when charged by high frequency currents, helped stimulate cellular development and regeneration by speeding up detoxification in living organisms.  It has been our perspective that our technology creates an extremely rich harmonic energy field that cannot be achieved by using only copper antennas.

Why do you use the long center tube in your carousel ?

The center tube is designed to resonate with life force energy (Qi or Chi) also called kundalini energy.   There are several specific lengths that are designed to resonate from the base of the spine to the base of the brain, mid brain, and to the crown.  The proprietary mixture used in this pure quartz tube contains many of the elements that make up all living organisms.  When activated with a high frequency charge from the Tesla Lights, it generates an extremely dynamic harmonic field.  It is our opinion that this breakthrough in development created a wide gulf between the Tesla Lights and its predecessor the B.E.L.S.

Can anyone use the Tesla Lights / S.E.A.D.?

The Tesla Lights / S.E.A.D. is a research technology.  Anyone with health problems should consult their physician before use.  We strongly discourage anyone with pacemakers or any other implanted electronic devices such as electronic insulin pumps or electronic medication applicators to avoid this technology due to how it may react.  We also strongly discourage women who are pregnant from using the equipment as well.

The Bio-photonic energy field is very powerful.  Like any good thing it should be used in moderation.  Generally we suggest the “less is more” philosophy.  We suggest that if possible less time more frequently rather than long durations of time.   5 minutes two to three times per day is usually more effective in creating balance than a 15 minute session.

Does the  Tesla Lights / S.E.A.D.  use antiquated technology?

It is true that the Tesla Lights / S.E.A.D. technology is based on the work of Nikola Tesla / Georges Lakhovsky and several other brilliant researchers and inventors.   Some of this Technology is over 100 years old.   We have for the past 25 years continued to develop this technology using the most current materials and technologies that are available to us.  At the same time we have tried to adhere to the standards that were set by the original inventors of this technology.   We have looked at all of the latest digital and electronic components such as the electronic spark gap.   Through our research and development we have found that these do not make the technology better.  It has been our perception that there is actually a loss of harmonics that are essential to the positive results our technology is known for.  As we move into a very digital world we have held fast to our understanding that analog technology has and continues to be superior to whatever the digital world has to offer in this application.   Does that mean that the  digital technologies are without merit?  Hardly, but for us we will continue to split hairs if necessary to build the finest bio-available technology on the market.   We have avoided electronic components  so that our technologies will be able to function in the event of any form of Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP).    We have also purposely avoided WiFi technology because of the hazards that are associated with it.  Many of the issues that our clients deal with are directly associated with the harmful side effects of WiFi .  Some documented information on the hazards of WiFi technology can be found here in a sworn affidavit by one of the leading researchers in this field, Barrie Trower. 

We read a review online that states that your units are not strong enough to be of any benefit.  Is that true?

First of all it must be stated that there are no online reviews that we have read that are truly objective and look at all of the available M.W.O. technologies without personal bias.  Some may have a hint of objectivity, but in our opinion only as a means to show that their particular appliance is superior.   It must also be stated that there is no real science to back up  these statements.   The only accreditation of those making these claims are ones they have given themselves.   It has always been our opinion that the Less is More approach is more effective.   We feel this because  our research has shown us that softer energies have  greater permeability.  Others may argue the opposite and some of their research has merit as well.  The defining argument for our perspective is that in over 25 years of sales we have a less than 1% return rate on our products.  This speaks volumes to us and means much more  than any sales gimmick that pretends to be an actual scientific review.  There has never been a side by side study to prove which theory works more effectively or which particular M.W.O. appliance is more effective.  For this reason we feel it is simply a matter of personal preference and left up to the consumer to make this decision. When someone tells you that their particular appliance is better, ask them to show you the science.

No medical claims  what-so-ever are made or intended.  The products offered here are for research only and must be used in accordance with all local and national guidelines for these types of technologies.  If you are in poor health seek professional medical help immediately.  DO NOT attempt self diagnosis and treatment.