For over 25 years we have been sending energy from the ‘Tesla Lights’ around the world. This dynamic energy works on the quantum level using scalar wave technology to send balance to specific people and or various situations throughout the globe. It has been our observation and that of numerous individuals, that this is a very effective way to receive the wonderful energy that the ‘Tesla Lights’ emanate. If you would like to subscribe to this service we offer 20 sessions per month for a fee of  $15 U.S.D.  You can unsubscribe at any time. Here is how it works:

Email us a digital photograph of a person, place or thing that you would like the energy sent to with any instructions that you feel are necessary. We will begin energy sessions immediately. Our email for this service is
For an enhanced personal session at no extra charge, send a photograph of the person that would like this experience and have them sign their name somewhere on the photograph. Send photo via snail mail to:

Multidimensional Technologies
P.O. Box 944
New Lexington, OH 43764

If you have questions about this service, how it works, what to expect etc.  please contact us at

Distance Energy Session

No medical claims  what-so-ever are made or intended.  The products offered here are for research only and must be used in accordance with all local and national guidelines for these types of technologies.  If you are in poor health seek professional medical help immediately.  DO NOT attempt self diagnosis and treatment.