Tesla Bio-Photonic Light Systems


                                                         12  TUBE CAROUSEL


    Carousel Options


                              12 Tube Carousel

                Harmonic Richness / Penetrating                                          Balancing

                             15 Tube Carousel

       Richer Harmonics/ Deeper Penetration     Swift Movement of Energy


                           16 Tube Carousel

          Harmonic Richness / Etheric Energy 

                      Connection / Balance

                      Enhanced Carousel

   Harmonic Richness / Energy Balance / Deep Penetration / High Vibration          

                                                       ENHANCED CAROUSEL

                         *MSRP- US – $12,050.00 AC UNIT   $12,150.00 DC UNIT

                                           INTERNATIONAL add $200.00 USD




All Tesla Bio-Photonic Light Systems come with a 2 year limited warranty.  The Warranty does not cover any misuse or mistreatment of the System.  Vacuum tubes have a 30 day warranty.   Under normal conditions Vacuum tubes will last for many years because of how they are utilized in this technology.  Please refer to the Owners Manual  for proper use and maintenance of your Tesla Bio-Light System.  Please email us at teslatech@hushmail.com for a digital copy of the Owners Manual