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The Oscillating circuit is a simple yet very functional way to enhance the Vital energy or Chi of those who wear them.   The Oscillating Circuit was made famous in the 1920’s by the Russian engineer Georges Lakhovsky. It was also the foundation for his remarkable Multiple Wave Oscillator technology.  In some documents Lakhovsky is even considered to be the inventor of the Oscillating Circuit.  However, a quick bit of research shows this technology is potentially thousands of years old.  The Torc or Torque was commonly worn as far back as the Bronze Age.  They are generally made of metal in the shape of a circle with an open end as the photo below shows.  Torc’s have even been discovered in artifacts that show them being worn by the Celtic Gods.  Based on these facts, it is very possible that ancient man had the intuitive understanding of this technology and used it to enhance their daily lives.


Ancient Torc


The science behind this technology and how it works is based on the understanding that all living things have an oscillating electrical nature. Lakhovsky surmised that the nucleus of a cell is very much like an electrical oscillating circuit.  Cells have capacitance, inductance and  oscillate at specific frequencies.  Basically, our cells act like tiny radio  transmitters and receivers.   Our cells are powered by what Lakhovsky called Cosmic Rays.  He discovered several factors that disrupt the cells and cause them to get out of balance.  Lakhovsky called this Oscillatory Disequilibrium which basically means that the cells oscillations have slowed to a point where they no longer function properly.  In the state of Oscillatory Disequilibrium our bodies become prone to disease.   In order for a cell to return to a state of balance or Oscillatory Equilibrium he found that his specific design of the Oscillating Circuit would do the trick.    He was able to amply demonstrate this with his groundbreaking research using plants.  He would infect Geranium plants with tumors and then he would apply the Oscillating Circuits  to some of the plants and none to others.  The photograph below shows how this was accomplished.


Photo of Geranium plants 2 months after they were infected with tumors.  The plant with the Oscillating Circuit is thriving while the others have perished.

Lakhovsky was also able to demonstrate the same type of success with humans and animals.  The diagram below shows how they can be worn by humans.  Lakhovsky’s research into the effectiveness of the Oscillating Circuits can be found in his work “The Secret of Life”  circa 1939 .  His profound research went virtually unnoticed since its release date coincided with Hitlers’ invasion of Prague.   The term Radiobiology was coined to describe this new type of science that Lakhovsky developed.  Regardless as to whether or not Lakhovsky invented the Oscillating Circuit technology, his research proving the efficacy of this technology is unmatched to this day.

This diagram shows where the oscillating circuits should be worn, i.e. around the neck, waist, and above the elbows and knees.  They can also be worn around the wrists and ankles.  The effect is intensified if more than one circuit is worn.

Lakhovsky believed that the circuits worked best when the ends of the rings overlapped but did not touch.  Oscillating Circuits when worn in the specific locations shown above bring Chi to those areas.  When applied to any plant or animal the Oscillating Circuits act to amplify cosmic or universal energies.     For best results for arms and legs, use the circuits in pairs.  One around each arm, one around each knee, etc.   The circuits are not extremely difficult to make and if you feel competent, give it a try.  We are sure you will be amazed.   We have been making these for many years and offer them for very reasonable prices.   Our Oscillating Circuits are made of pure Copper.  If your skin is sensitive to copper they can be worn over your clothing.  They are custom made to the measurements of each individual users specific dimensions .    If you would like to purchase an individual Oscillating Circuit or a full set please download the PDF document below.   Fill out the specific measurements listed.  For plants please specify  small,  medium, large, or extra large based on the size descriptions on the order  form.   Return your purchase request to .  Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery.  Free shipping in the Continental U.S.A.

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