The Energetic Implant Removal Antenna

                  Energetic Implant Removal Technique

The Energetic Implant Removal Tools were developed to deal with the ever-increasing number or Energetic Implants within humanity.  These tools are designed to aid and assist in the removal of all types of non-physical implants.  There is much speculation as to the origin of these types of implants. Regardless of their origin, it is our opinion and that of many of the practitioners that we work with, that they are very real.  We also believe that there may be some level of consciousness that can be attributed to this phenomenon.  Although they are not physical, there can be harmful physical symptoms caused by them.   They can also cause us to act in ways that are not our intention.  Numerous implants can be found in any given individual.  Primarily they are found in the brain and chakra regions of the body.  The most common areas are the 3rd eye, frontal lobe of the brain, mid brain, and the base of the brain.

We developed the Energetic Implant Removal Technique™ or E.I.R.T. in 2012, as a very functional way to remove various types of Energetic Implants.  The basis of this technology is to generate a synergy of harmonic signatures that cause the implants to dissolve on the quantum level where they exist.  This occurs because the implants cannot exist in the high frequency and multidimensional energy fields that are created by these tools.   This technique has proven to be very effective.  In the last several years, the number of individuals that are being effected by the various types of Energetic Implants has grown considerably in our opinion.  For that reason, we developed the Energetic Implant Removal Antenna™ or E.I.R.A.  It is an Accessory for the Tesla Lights / S.E.A.D. technologies.  The Antenna system works at a much faster rate than the E.I.R.T. and can be used on several individuals simultaneously.   It has other benefits as well which deal with physical grounding, balance, and Chi strengthening.

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